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BASTIDES, authenticity of the south-west

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South-west France |Albi | Gaillac | Carcassonne | Lot | Bastides & Vignobles

From Toulouse, head east. You will quickly arrive on the hilly roads that cross the Pays de Cocagne to reach the heart of the Gaillac vineyards and its Bastides. A true patchwork of colors in the heart of nature, a gentle and hilly landscape, fortified villages scattered among them, there is no doubt, you are in the heart of Occitan Tuscany. A land of well-being and flavors between the red brick cities of ‘Albi’ and pink ‘Toulouse’. Daily itineraries will reveal blond plains of wheat or promontories overlooking valleys on which some of the ‘Most Beautiful Villages of France’ are perched. Beautiful views guaranteed… for epicureans.

Day 1 | 245 km:

Setting off on a trip along the perfect roads that wind through the hilly countryside. Made of stone and half-timbering, the authentic villages that punctuate the vineyards will lead you up to the city above the clouds.

Day 2 | 275 km:

You will cross the Pays de Cocagne, land of Pastel blue, along beautiful curves before reaching the more rugged relief of the foothills of the Ariège. Take the time to take a break in the square of a traditional village. The Canal du Midi and the shade of the plane trees will guide you for your return.

Day 3 | 270km:

Heading into the meanders of the Tarn, the setting of this wild river, before reaching the foot of the impressive Millau Viaduct. A treasure is hidden in the nearby rock, the famous ‘Roquefort’. Take a jacket to go down a few meters underground into its protective caves and savor it.

Day 4 | 265 km:

A narrow river valley, arid lands, let yourself be dominated by the rocks of the Causses du Quercy. Cahors, the Lot and one of the most beautiful villages in France, perched on the cliff more than 100 meters above the river, will be your backdrop. Lower your head, the rocks seem low even if their bright lights illuminate you.

Day 5 | 290 km:

Setting off on a trip in the last rampart before the Mediterranean, a true mountainous lung. The wild Sidobre, granite and dense vegetation where nature sculpts naturally. Enjoy the Lacaune cured meats and its tasty ham, then a few turns will bring us back to the Albigensian Tuscany.

Day 6 | 285 km:

Escape to the Cathar Country, with lakes, forests, vineyards, and mountains. First, visit the natural reservoir of the Canal du Midi before continuing your journey to the magnificent medieval city of Carcassonne. Stroll through the narrow streets of this city and listen to the troubadours. Then, the Minervois will be your gateway to the peak panorama.

Day 7 | 245 km:

For your last day, we have concocted a mosaic of landscapes. Roads with beautiful curves will make you feel the Tuscan air on the hillsides of Lomagne. Here, the buildings made of white stone delimit the plots of colorful orchards and blond wheat. The countryside of northern Toulouse where life is good.


  • Travel booklet, RoadBook, GPS files
  • 2 at 6 nights in a 3* superior category hotel | 6 dinners
  • PRICE 3d: €690/pilote, €490/passager, supp. single €150
  • PRICE 5j: €990/pilot, €790/passenger, supp. single €250
  • PRICE 7j: €1290/pilote, €1090/passager, supp. single €360
  • Insurance Cancellation/Multi-risk: 95€/p (Prix Voyage < 4000€) | 5% prix total (4000€ < Prix Voyage < 15000€)
  • Guide option: on request

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