Terms of Use

SA BEEWILD – (Hereinafter the “Renter”) has the activity of renting motorbikes and selling services to any natural or legal person (Hereinafter the “Tenant”). The Lessor makes available to the Tenant, on a personal and non-transferable basis, a vehicle specified in the “CD Contract” for a fixed period. The Tenant accepts and agrees to comply with the General Rental Conditions as well as the specific provisions of the “CD Contract”.

The Tenant makes his reservation on www.beewild-rent.com or by contacting the customer relations center.

The reservation is only effective after confirmation from the Lessor and payment by the Tenant of a minimum deposit of 50% of the rental amount.

If the Lessor refuses the reservation, any financial transaction will be canceled and the Renter’s bank account will not be debited.

At the time of departure, the Lessee must be over 25 years of age, hold a valid motorcycle driving license for more than 2 years and have all the physical capacities necessary to drive a motorcycle.

The lessor reserves the right to cancel the rental contract, without compensation, if the Tenant is unable to meet these obligations.

Rental prices and services offered on the website are only valid for reservations made online. The Lessor reserves the right to modify its prices without notice.

The price of the rental and the services, all taxes included, is calculated according to the places of departure and return, the rental dates, the motorcycle reserved, the mileage requested and the options chosen. Any modification before departure on the initiative of the Tenant or the Lessor may lead to a change in price. The terms of cancellation, modification or no show are set out in articles 6 and 7 of these general conditions.

The tenant agrees to pay the lessor, no later than the day of departure, the full amount of the rental, less the deposit paid at the time of booking.

The price is firm and final unless the Tenant fails to comply with the specific conditions set out in the “CD Contract”. The Tenant agrees to pay without delay all amounts due to the Lessor and in particular the additional kilometers traveled, the missing fuel, the additional time consumed or the repair costs within the limit of the deductibles provided for in the “CD contract”.

At the time of departure, the Lessee must present the original of his motorcycle license, an international license for foreign nationals (loss or theft certificates and untranslated driver’s licenses are not accepted) and, a document ‘identity (national identity card for French nationals, passport for foreigners).

If the Renter does not meet the age and / or driver’s license requirements, the Renter will not be required to rent the motorcycle. The rental would then be canceled and a cancellation fee corresponding to 50% of the amount of the rental and services would be charged to the Tenant.

When the vehicle is made available, the Tenant must pay a deposit, the amount of which is specified on the “CD Contract”. This payment must be made by bank card or by check in the name and surname of the tenant who must be present at the time of departure.

If the “Credit Card Grouping” were to refuse the deposit, the rental would be canceled and the tenant would be liable for cancellation fees corresponding to the amount of the rental and the services. Cash as well as Maestro, Électron, Indigo cards are not accepted.

The reservation can be canceled, modified and reimbursed free of charge more than 30 days from the date of departure.

Less than 30 days from the departure date, any cancellation will result in the total loss of the amounts paid or the invoicing of an amount of € 50 including tax for modification.

TTC for any modification of the reservation unless the Tenant has taken out cancellation / modification insurance.

The subscription to cancellation / modification insurance allows the Tenant to cancel his reservation free of charge up to 48 hours before departure and to be reimbursed for all the amounts paid minus the amount of the insurance.

Any cancellation of a reservation must be notified by e-mail to the Lessor at the following address: contact@beewild-rent.com. The cancellation request will be taken into account on the date and time of receipt of the email by Beewild Customer Service.

If the Lessee has booked by phone, he has a 24-hour withdrawal period to read the general booking and rental conditions sent to him with the confirmation of his reservation. After this deadline and in the absence of cancellation, the Lessor considers that the Tenant irrevocably accepts the general conditions of reservation and rental.

The contract is not transferable or transferable. Only the person designated in the “CD Contract” can take delivery of the vehicle and sign the rental contract.

In the event of force majeure or unavailability, the Lessor may have to cancel or modify the reservation:

  • If the Lessor is obliged to cancel the reservation, the Tenant will be fully reimbursed for the amount of money collected. Reimbursement will be made by bank transfer within 30 days.
  • No compensation will be due by the Lessor in case of replacement of a motorcycle by a model of equivalent category.

8.1 Provision of the motorcycle and return

The condition of the motorcycle is determined by the Renter and the Lessor at the time of departure and return. To be admissible, any reservation must be made in writing on the vehicle condition sheet.

As soon as the motorcycle is made available, the Tenant becomes responsible for it under the terms set out in article 1384 of the Civil Code. The motorcycle must be returned with a full tank of fuel to that noted at the start. The missing fuel will be billed at the rate specified in the “CD Contract”.

The motorcycle must be returned to the return agency fixed on the “CD Contract”.

Only the signature of the State Sheet upon return of the rental by the agency representative terminates the “CD Contract”. Without this signature the Tenant remains responsible for the motorcycle and for damage, theft, attempted theft and possible vandalism. If the keys, papers of the motorcycle as well as the accessories supplied, are not returned at the end of the rental, it continues to run until the production by the Renter of an official certificate of loss.

The loss of keys and replacement of accessories will be charged to the Tenant.

8.2 Use of the motorcycle

In accordance with article 1984 of the Civil Code, during the rental, the Tenant agrees to use the motorcycle reasonably and in particular, to let the vehicle drive only by authorized drivers whose names appear on the “CD Contract”.

In addition, the Tenant agrees to drive in compliance with the highway code and French legal regulations. The Tenant is responsible for the minutes drawn up against him. He undertakes to reimburse the amount of the minutes to the Lessor in the event that the latter makes the advance. In the event that the Lessor receives a report or a request for information by the Public Prosecutor’s Officer, the designated Tenant will be denounced and 20 € incl. VAT of administrative costs will be invoiced to the Tenant.

8.3 Duration of provision

The rental is granted for a fixed period. Any overstepping of the date or time set on the “CD Contract” automatically results in the billing of an additional day, the amount of which is indicated on the “CD Contract”. Any day started is due.

In case of extension of the rental accepted by the Lessor, the Tenant will be invoiced according to the rates in force. The additional insurance taken out at the time of departure will be tacitly extended for the authorized overtime.

The Lessor reserves the right to refuse any extension without compensation for the Renter and with the latter’s obligation to return the motorcycle on the date initially provided for on the “CD Contract” under pain of legal proceedings for misappropriation and breach of trust.

8.4 Early termination of the “CD Contract”

The Lessor reserves the right to immediately and automatically terminate the rental, without being liable for compensation, in the event that the Renter has not complied with all the obligations of these General Rental Conditions.

The Lessee, in the event of return of the vehicle before the end date provided for in the “CD Contract”, will not be reimbursed for days not used.

Before the start of his rental, the Tenant must pay a deposit in the amount indicated on the “CD Contract”. The Lessor reserves the right to collect all or part of this sum in the following cases: Accident, damage, theft, fire, loss of the motorcycle, non-return of one or more accessories, additional kilometers, fuel, additional day and additional services not paid before departure.

The Tenant accepts in advance that the Lessor takes the sums due for additional costs from his bank account by means of the bank pre-authorization used for the deposit or that he proceeds to the collection of the deposit check to settle these costs .

The Tenant agrees to maintain the motorcycle and in particular to check the oil and coolant levels every 1000 km. Repairs, exchanges of parts or supplies resulting from abnormal wear, neglect or an accidental cause are the responsibility of the Tenant.

He will immediately notify the Lessor of any noted anomaly or loss after taking care to park the motorcycle in a secure place in order to define by mutual agreement the conditions for continuing the rental or immobilization of the motorcycle for refurbishment state.

In case of immobilization of the motorcycle, the rental continues according to the normal conditions of the “CD Contract” and the obligations of the Tenant are maintained.

In the event of a breakdown, accident or puncture occurring during the rental and immobilizing the motorcycle, the Renter benefits from the assistance service approved by the Lessor; the motorcycle will then be towed and / or repaired. This assistance service is reserved for the driver and potential passenger.

Assistance can only be requested once by Tenant. In the event of refusal by the latter of the solutions offered by assistance, and for whatever reason, the Tenant may not claim any reimbursement of his costs, either from assistance or from the Lessor.

In the event of an accident or puncture, the Tenant will not be reimbursed for days not used or for any loss of partial enjoyment.

In the event of abandonment of the motorcycle, whatever the cause, the Lessor will invoice the Renter for the costs of repatriation to the return agency provided for in the “CD Contract” increased by 25% and the fees for the case provided in the Special Conditions of the “CD Contract”.

In the event of a claim, material damage or theft of the rented motorcycle, the costs remain the responsibility of the Tenant within the limit of the maximum financial responsibilities indicated on the “CD Contract”.

In the event of a claim, the Tenant must declare it to the Lessor within 48 hours of the occurrence of the claim (in accordance with the provisions of article L 113.2 of the Insurance Code), and give him the amicable acknowledgment of an automobile accident, which must be legibly completed and signed by the parties. The submission of a detailed statement or declaration is compulsory.

In addition, in the event of theft or attempted theft, a complaint to the competent territorial authorities must be established within 48 hours by the Tenant. The Tenant’s deposit will be collected in full until receipt of the official report and / or complaint. Failure to comply with these formalities results in the Renter losing the benefit of the optional guarantees subscribed.

In the event of a plurality of responsible claims or in the event of a claim without an identified third party, the tenant’s financial responsibility will be calculated as follows: number of observed shocks multiplied by the amount of the maximum financial responsibilities indicated in the “CD Contract”. In the event of an accident wrongly, a fixed compensation corresponding to the amount of the maximum financial responsibility indicated in the “CD Contract” will be invoiced even if the rented motorcycle does not show any damage.

The amount invoiced to the Lessee by the Lessor will be systematically increased by the costs of immobilizing the motorcycle and the costs of disaster management for a lump sum indicated on the “CD Contract”. The Lessor is released from all responsibility in the event of theft or damage to the personal effects carried.

12.1 Exclusions from insurance and optional guarantees

The Renter will be deprived of the optional guarantees of the subscribed Insurance and will be liable for the total amount of the repairs, the market value to be said of the expert or the maximum replacement value of the motorcycle in the following cases:

  • Any damage or mechanical damage occurring as a result of one of the cases listed in article 2 of these General Booking and Rental Conditions, Driving without the required age or without a valid driving license,
  • False identity and false information entered on the “CD Contract” or the amicable report,
  • Any damage caused voluntarily as a result of an inexcusable fault or as a result of gross negligence,
  • Any damage or mechanical damage resulting from the transport of more than one passenger,
  • All mechanical damage resulting from the transport of a load greater than that authorized on the registration card,
  • All damage caused to tires and rims,
  • Any damage to the seat and dashboard of the motorcycle,
  • Any error on the type of fuel,
  • Any damage or mechanical damage occurring after the return date provided for on the “CD Contract”, unless written authorization to extend the Lessor (in case of damage during the extension of the “CD Contract” the insurances only apply in the event of an extension accepted by the GDS)
  • In the event of theft by a Tenant’s attendant, or an authorized driver,
  • In case of inability to return the original keys of the motorcycle to the Lessor after having noticed the theft of the latter,
  • In the event of a disaster caused by a civil war or a foreign war (article L121-8 of the Insurance Codes), disaster arising from riots, popular movements or acts of terrorism and sabotage committed within the framework of concerted actions,
  • In the event of a fault relating to a serious violation of the Highway Code or an offense relating to the driving, parking or the general use of the motorcycle, in case of suicide attempt.
  • In the event of a natural disaster as defined by law, only the amount defined by ministerial decree will be billed to him, even if the Tenant has subscribed insurance offered by the Lessor.

If the tenant is not of French nationality, he must, before the conclusion of this contract, check with embassies and consulates if his personal situation or that of his passenger does not fall under specific formalities. The Tenant and his passenger must be in possession of their own passport valid for the duration of their trip. Universal Riders cannot be held responsible for non-compliance with the customs or health regulations of the countries concerned.

The Tenant is aware that a motorcycle trip can be tiring and that his state of health must allow him to undertake this trip. The fact of practicing the motorbike involves risks inherent in driving the pilot or the road conditions and / or vehicles encountered.

UNIVERSAL RIDERS cannot be held responsible in the event of an accident. The Tenant is solely responsible for his security and for all consequences related to non-compliance with the rules and laws in force in the countries visited (traffic law, transport / transfer / use of illicit substances …).

Similarly, BEEWILD’s responsibility cannot be sought and the customer cannot claim any compensation in the event of force majeure resulting in delays, modifications or even cancellations.

BEEWILD cannot be held responsible for climatic conditions, and in particular in the event of natural disasters (floods, tornadoes, fires, etc.)

As part of its Services, the vehicle can be delivered with a GPS loaded with the route desired by the Tenant.

Depending on possible road disruptions (roadworks, detours, closings) or weather conditions, the route can be modified. BEEWILD cannot be held responsible for any facts and no compensation would be due to the Tenant.

The photos and videos taken by BEEWILD as well as the comments collected on departure and / or return remain the property of BEEWILD. The customer accepts their use for newsletters, brochures, website.

BEEWILD will do its utmost to preserve the anonymity of its customers but cannot be prosecuted for damage to the image.

If one of the provisions of these General Booking and Rental Conditions (CGRL) is recognized as void, illegal or unenforceable under applicable law, this provision will be deemed not to be part of these CGRL. However, the rest of the provisions of these CGRL will remain applicable and in full effect.

Subject to the legislation in force, the Commercial Court on which the Headquarters of the Lessor depends will have sole jurisdiction to recognize any dispute relating to this contract concluded.

The Lessor may, however, waive the benefit of this clause conferring jurisdiction which is stipulated in his favor. In this case, disputes will be brought before the courts with territorial jurisdiction under common law.

The nominative information concerning the physical persons, collected for the needs of the Contract, will be the subject of communication to the National Commission of Data processing and Freedoms and, will be used only for the only needs of administrative management or commercial actions or to meet legal or regulatory obligations.

They may give rise to the exercise of the right of access and rectification to the conditions provided for by law 78-17 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, of January 6, 1978. To exercise this right, write to the ‘following address: Beewild, 820 avenue de bayonne 642120 BIDART.

In accordance with article L 223-2 of the Consumer Code, the non-professional tenant is informed that if he does not wish to be the subject of commercial prospecting by telephone, he can register for free on a opposition to canvassing by telephone from the company OPPOSETEL, at the following address: OPPOSETEL, Service Bloctel, 6 rue Nicolas Siret 10000 Troyes or on the site www.bloctel.gouv.fr.